1st.time post..be nice,but not fake


this is my 1st post here,didnt really need to come here until tonight,I’ve been around for awhile,I’ve tried alot of things atleast once,with exception of heroin,angle dust,pcp and until 6 o’clock yesterday any rc?isnt that what bath salt are rc”s…I’m from La.and while this b.s was legal I never cared to try it,it wasnt until it became illegal did I want to,but for girlfriend wasnt gonna to let me try it…..

yes I’m a grown ass man,but I do respect her,she was worried about me trying it,because of the media it was getting,and she has friends who were all about getting some while it was still being sold…

but Icame to houston yesterday morning,and low and behold,there is a smoke shop right outside the door to my hotel..I went in not sure if it was still legal in tx.but a lil middle easter guy came up and asked me if i need help,I told him I wanted to try some of the plantfood or whatever I called it yesterday and i asked him which 1 would he reccomend,and it was 1 lil container called either rush or buzz,I went with another 1 called xtreme…but I got up and left my house yesterday at 4 in the morning,flew to houston,was in a class room until 4p.m.

so about 6 p.m is the 1st time I did some..then I took nyquill and tried to get some sleep around 330 this morning,once I relied sleep wasnt gonna happen,i did a lil more of the xtreme,but i felt like i was coming down for several hours prior to doing more at 4 this morning..

I’m not gonna say I’m not going to ever do it again after i can get to sleep,which want be until after I get out of another class around 4p.m…

I’m probably gonna be slammed for even trying it,but I’m feeling like I’ll need some to get through the day….damn,all this i just wrote was to ask if anyone could advise me if it would or wouldnt be a good idea to do a lil more once i get out the shower and dressed and head to my class..btw..thier is a god cause i dont have to drive!

You do realize that angel dust and PCP are the same thing, right? What college do you go to? Have you taken any English Composition classes yet?

There are MANY threads on this topic. Search around a little.

Don’t double post. This will probably get closed anyway. Read the forum rules.


No,I didn’t realize that angle dust and pcp were the same thing.Without never reading anything about either of the 2,I’m sure thier is something that makes them a little more dangerous right?


No,(space)I didn’t realize that angleangel dust and pcp were the same thing.(space)Without never double negative, remove “never”reading anything about either of the 2numbers less than ten should usually be spelled out,(space)I’m sure thier there is something that makes them a little more dangerous right?poor sentence structure

I am not sure what you are comparing.


“Angel Dust” is just a slang term for PCP. We discourage using slang words here because this is a worldwide forum and in some places different slang words mean different things.

As far as your girlfriend wanting to try RCs (Bath Salts, etc), I recommend against it. As has already been mentioned, there are many threads about these topics.

Use the search function (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/search.php), and do a search for “MDPV”, “bath salts” or “mephedrone”. MDPV (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylenedioxypyrovalerone) and mephedrone (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mephedrone) are the active ingredients in some of these “Bath Salts”, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe. You don’t know what drug you’re getting, you don’t know what dosage you’re getting, and you don’t know what “cut” you’re getting mixed in with the active drug. Sometimes another stimulant such as caffeine is used as a cut.

I’m going to close this because its very hard to understand what you’re asking in the first place to be honest.

I do recommend introducing yourself over in New Member Introductions (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/forumdisplay.php?f=143) and then the community can point you in the right direction.