4-FMC…. Flephedrone


what is the best ROA for this compound? can it be sniffed? and what is a good strong dosage?


Yes, it can be snorted, and works quite well except for the typical cathinone burn. Never weighed doses, but probably started out around 200 mgs and redosed as needed (which is less often than with mephedrone) with maybe 100. Also IV’d a little out of curiosity, which worked well as well. Smoke a bit off of foil, which worked but tasted hideous. It would be hard to believe plugging wouldn’t work well also. Oral, IDK didn’t try as it usually less potent with cathinones. Pretty much a straight stimulant for me, and a pretty decent one.


Flephedrone works well when snorted. I got good effects from 100mg’s bombed mixed with 100mg’s snorted(25mgs a nostril spaced out). It feels like around half of the mephedrone euphoria mixed with a nice mellow empathy.