A question about nitrazepam



i took nitrazepam once a long time ago and seem to remember it making me awful when i woke up the following morning. i am used to taking very high doses of diazepam at the moment, however, i am running very low on them so don’t want to use them up, but i’m going through a very bad time in my life…and i really need to sleep but really need to not feel terrible in the morning.

can anyone share their experiences with me? has it made anyone else feel terrible the following morning?

I’d really appreciate some advice.


Do you have a bunch of it laying around or something?


i bought them years ago in india or somewhere but only took the one so have a packet. just a little bit scared to take it in case it makes feel as bad as it did last time. there seems to be so many mixed thoughts on it…some people love it and some hate it!