adderall after coke


so i got class today and i been doin blow all night my question is do i po adderall and go to class or do i sleep in and skip my first class and pop some tylenal pm? will i feel like shit

Just sleep and skip your first class. You really want to sit in class with your heart going crazy because of blow/adderall/lackof sleep. And be feeling shitty as hell the whole class?


id snort the adderall. it’ll keep you awake enough through your class depending on the length. then go home and have a nice sleep

@above adderall will actually calm you down. your heartrate accelerates cause of the come down. if you take your pulse while blowing coke you’ll notice it’s completely normal. the most mine ever was was 118, and that’s really nothing

you gotta snort it though for it to calm you down so it’s instant. eating it will be a waste and the above will be right. but snorting it i 100% assure you you will be fine for a class with a length of an hour and a half. just leave early if you gotta


First of all, welcome to Bluelight ‘muddafocker’.

This is entirely your decision to make, but if I were you I would get some rest and skip the first class. Doing coke all night and then taking amphetamines in the morning is not exactly healthy.

I am going to close this thread because this is your decision to make. The safer decision is to skip the first class in order to get some much needed rest.

Your question has been answered – get some sleep and forget about the amphetamines.