Amphetamine Dosage for homework


okay, So my friend got 2 different types of pills to do tonight that are amphetamines. One is 60mg Vyvanse (x4 but he doesnt want to use all of them, preferably only one or two), and 3x Adderall IR 5mg which he plans on using all of. What ways should he administer the drug? should he swallow 1 vyvanse and the adderall? should he plug the crushed adderall? snort it? This would more be about the adderall than the Vyvanse as Vyvanse is only able to absorb through the intestinal tract (see: lisdextamfetamine). he is also very new to Amphetamines so his tolerance is still quite low. This is all to keep focus for him to catch up in school overnight so if one method has a larger crash than the others that would probably ruin the rest of his time awake, please make note. Thanks!
Update: seeing the amount of homework he has, he’s tellin me its gunna be an allnighter, so length of the high doesnt really matter, but the amount of focus would, also, is there a level at which you are ever TOO focused? and some sites suggest benzos for the comedown, would it help?

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Oh, and take your pills orally.


Jeez. One 60mg Vyvanse and you will be the most productive person in the world for almost 8 hours. Especially if your new. You won’t crash on it either. Don’t need to mix, match and double dose.


If it’s for doing homework, don’t take the vyvanse, It lasts way too long. You will not be able to sleep for at the very least 12 hours. The adderall IR on the other hand is better suited to your purpose. If you only take the smallest dose needed any crash will be minimal. With the IR you’re better off disolving them under your tongue (1 at a time) because they work faster & more gets absorbed than in the stomach. That way you can take 1, wait 15-20 minutes to see how it affects you.

Edit: This thread might be closed because you are asking “What should I take” (That SWIM bullshit dosent fly around here…) A better way to word the question would be “What would be a better choice for someone to take to help with catching up on homework”


my bad, I thought i saw a thread on here with swim, but thanks for the ideas… just as an add on: its probably going to be an allnighter no matter what. 😛 2 essays, 3 calc homeworks, Physics 201 webassign and english.


Even one 60mg vyvanse might be too much. The fact that it’s time released might make it a bit harder to work with. I’d say if you arent experienced to err on the side of caution. Too much amphetamine is a terrible feeling IMO. More is definitely not better. In the past I had a bunch of the 20mg (adderall) IR’s & after some experimenting I found just 5mg plugged to work best for me without making me too restless or anxious. That being said, I don’t really like the effects of most stimulants so I use as little as possible to help me get things done.

You can also try taking just half of a vyvanse. Just open it up swallow half of the powder. Vyvanse always takes awhile to kick in though because it has to be broken down, keep that in mind.


Well, it all depends on your tolerance, whether you have used these drugs recreationally, and other physiological and psychological factors, but I’m gonna assume for a minute (and if I’m significantly off, no matter, because you don’t have enough of either substance to be likely to cause problems) that you have medium-to-low tolerance to amphetamines, you have possibly used them recreationally once or twice if ever, and that you are not overly sensitive to stimulants. Take your 60mg vyvanse orally. There is no need for the Adderall in this scenario. If you find the vyvanse wearing off and you still need to study, you should dose your adderall all at once ORALLY.

If you are 100% nontolerant, I would still think that 60mg vyvanse should be safe and effective (anybody who thinks/knows otherwise, please correct me), but if you want to be safe, I would weigh out the powder and take maybe 80% of the whole dose, and if you need a little more oomph, take 5mg adderall.

If you have a decent-to-high tolerance, than just know this: IIRC, vyvanse is between 1/3 and 1/2 as potent as dextroamphetamine, and adderall is 3/4 dextroamphetamine.

Regardless of tolerance, vyvanse is better for studying all night than adderall, because vyvanse lasts quite a while, and is much more clean and relaxing than adderall, so the focus doesn’t feel euphoric, but it helps you stay serious. I am only making these statements based on the almost unanimous opinions people have about vyvanse, because during the times I tried vyvanse, I had already abused amphetamines for years, and my tolerance was sky-high. For me, it’s almost a sedative, it’s so smooth that I don’t get any mental or physical stimulation from it, just gauzy, laid-back, subtle euphoria. Goes great with weed.