Bad reaction to DXM and dosing question


I took 8 triple c’s. Yeah bad idea. I was sweating, hands were blue, high blood pressure, vision was like moving. I got caught and quickly sobered up because of fear. Was this normal? I’m plannig on doing 450mg next but pure dxm. Will I overdose. And this was my first time.

I hope this helps.

I swear i read somewhere that Triple C’s are a really bad way to do this. The powder is the way to go.

Although i had DXM Hbr, not sure if the Hbr was any good for me =S

Try not to panic on a trip. It makes your heart beat quicker and blood pressure rise then you will panic even more. Relaxation is the key 😉


“Triple C’s” are a horrible way to take DXM. They contain CPM, which is an antihistamine and can cause horrible reactions at higher dosages.

If you had a bad reaction at 8 Coricidin pills (240mg DXM), then I wouldn’t recommend taking 450mg your next time. We can’t tell you if you’re going to “overdose” because that’s a very vague term, and you’re technically “overdosing” every time you take higher than a medical dose.

Don’t take Coricidin to get recreational effects from the DXM, it is not worth it. Some good friends of mine caused themselves brain damage from taking large amounts of Coricidin pills over an extended period of time. It is not worth it.

If you had blue hands and high blood pressure off that dosage, I would reconsider before jumping right in at 450mg. DXM isn’t very fun to begin with if you ask me (although some people would disagree), but 450mg isn’t where you should start with your dosing.

Again, if you had a bad reaction with a lower dosage of DXM, I wouldn’t take a higher dosage next time.

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The Triple C’s were a HORRIBLE idea because of the CPM. Every report I have read about taking dxm with triple c’s has been negative, because the CPM probably fucked up their trips, and yours as well. You should take the same dose as your last time and see how it goes. if you enjoy it, you can always drink more. If not, then DXM just isn’t for you.