“Bath Salts” and Suboxone combo??


Hey guys I really would like some help here as I cannot find anything on Google related to my question. So I am hoping I may coax someone who may have experience with this to answer my question. I have been on 8mg insuffilated Suboxone going on 2 years now. I am currently 25 yr old male with no known health issues. A couple of my buddies have been raving for me to try the new “legal blow” they get at the gas station. They seem to love the stuff. They are not addicted but every other weekend or so when we go out these guys swear their little “bath salts” are the shit. It’s a small clear plastic container with a purple wrapper that says “Tranquility” 500mg bath salts Lol. I was thinking of trying maybe a small bump but being on Subs don’t really wanna put myself in panic mode from my heart racing or none of that shit. I drink energy drinks daily w/ no negative effects. I have also done the real deal w/ little negative effects. But after a little experience w/ the “legal bud” I had I’m a bit skeptical about some of this legal crap. I hear nothing but good stuff about it. Iv’e heard bad stuff to but that was from people who ingested an entire Gram in one sitting which is retarded anyways. I live in IN in the states so my guess the active ingrediant would be Mephadrone? I was wondering if any1 has tried this combo and what was the experience? I wouldn’t think it would be too bad but I wanna be on the safe side. THANK YOU:)

MDPV, or 4-mmc, are the likely active ingredient within this bath salt.

Not only will these sort of drugs increase your heart rate/bloodpressure, but it’ll also be a very unpleasant experience if you are sensitive to stimulant-induced anxiety.


Will be PV or 4mec (wont be 4mmc anymore anywhere).

Horrible stuff.


Thats funny I have read a ton of good things about it. The active ingrediant is MDPV:\