benzos(z-drugs) after 1 year break


I was addicted to benzos such as xanax, valium, roofies and z-drugs for about 2.5-3 years. I developed a tolerance to both. I was never on high doses at all, but I got to a point where it seemed like it didn’t work no matter how much I took. I already took a 15 week long tolerance break last year with negative results. Pills did not work. Alcohol worked, so I didnt know WTF was going on.

I flipped out on xanax last year and almost got into jail, luckily I got away with pepper spray and handcuffs. I decided to stop and take a long break. At christmas i have been 1 year 100% clean from ALL substances, YES even alcohol. I have lost 66 pounds, exercise almost everyday, eat healthy and just started working. SURELY my body and mind should be reset at this point? My tolerance should have dropped right?

Look, I am not even interested in going back on benzos again. However I do like z-drugs, i want to try Lyrica for the first time and maybe drink a couple of beers at new years eve you know. Made a lot of progress this year, but it has been fucking BORING. I am never going back to abusing again, but I would rather die(literally, i mean it) than go through another year without any kind of stimulation once in a while.

Let me know what you guys think.

Z-drugs are an interesting DOC 🙂 Ive seen hardly anyone else mention them as such.

Have you tried kava kava? It’s a mild but very relaxing herb. A lot of people have used it to quit alcohol, benzos, pretty much anything GABAergic. In fact, I’ve seen alot of reports of people using it exactly for helping to cope with the boredom and anxieties of everyday life. It can be tricky to prepare and can actually have a reverse tolerance effect, but you’ll definitely know when it starts working. Really the best thing about kava is that it’s not very abusable and does not carry a risk for dependence, but it’s still a very relaxing experience that will break the sheer boredom of sobriety.

Im afraid that if you start abusing z-drugs again, you’ll probably end up back where you started at some point. I especially wouldn’t ruin your streak on lyrica. Some find it to be fantastic, but that’s usually on high doses and tolerance jumps crazy fast. Lyrica made me nearly psychotic and the WDs were pretty awful. I’ve actually tried taking lyrica after months of being clean from it and it appears my tolerance hasn’t gone down at all… it’s pretty shitty.

I really think kava would be a your best bet here. Otherwise, I see no problem with tripping every now and then if you can find psychedelics. Those will certainly help with the boredom and will not introduce any risk for falling into old habits.

Hopefully these suggestions are helpful 🙂