Bong and pipe question

Justin Sane 53

I have never used a bong or a pipe, and I have a few questions about them. I know you’re supposed to cover the small hole (forgot the name of it) then inhale and uncover it when you feel the smoke in your lungs, but do you continue to inhale after you uncover it? How exactly does that work?

Also, how do you light your herb when it is on the screen, do you light it on fire or hold the lighter close to it to warm it up? Some people say tin foil screens are toxic while others say aluminum foil screens are toxic- which is the best material to use?

I’m planning on making a coke-can bong. Thx for the tips, I really don’t want to burn something poisonous or my lungs!

The “small hole” is called a carb, or carburetor. It’s used to alternately mix air with the smoke of your plant material and clear smoke out of the stem (long bit) of the pipe. Usually people light their pipe with it covered, start inhaling, and releasse about 3/4 of the way through your inhalation so you don’t end up with a piece filled with smoke like a revolver out of a bad Western.

The generally accepted “best way” to light your bowl is to hold the flame just above your plant matter and suck it over the herb, then put your fire out and let the plant material burn on its own.

There’s a persistient urban myth that aluminum = ALZHEIMERS OHNO but that;s likely a crock of shit. The plastic coating on a coke can, or glues, or whatever, those are toxic components you should worry about. Glass, steel, brass, and silver screens are all good. Tinfoil works in a pinch but shouldn’t be used for bowls or major parts of your bong.

I’m sure you can do better than a Coke can, use your imagination.

Justin Sane 53

Okay, so the carb is opened so you don’t inhale too much smoke without some oxygen? About how close should I hold my lighter, 6 inches? The guide says to use tinfoil for a screen, but I think that’s the same thing as a bowl- what do you recommend using?


You’ll find this quite helpful, in addition to what sekio said:


youve gotta get the hang of it, youve gotta learn the flow of it. try to minimize and let as little smoke escape out above your weed as possible. this means you have to control how long you put the flame on it. do a short burst onto it and give it a sturdy inhale. as soon as you let the flame off, let your finger off the carb and clear it out. do this so on and so on until your bowl is gone… learn how to be an experienced toker.