Cocaine and Xanax (comedown?)


Hey all I’m a first time coke user and am splitting .5 a gram with my girlfriend.
We both have very high tolleranes to xanax (it takes me at least four 2mg bars to get fucked up).

So total we have a gram of coke and two 2mg bars (and some green of course).
What the recommended order of using these drugs?
Or should they not be mixed?

Staying safe (as possible).


I would personally save the xanax for the comedown.


One time combo questions like this belong in Basic Drug Discussion.

OD >>> BDD


do the coke……..

save the cannabis and the xanax for the comedown…..both would ruin the blow high

take the alpraz 20 to 40 min after your last line…..

enjoy and be safe

Dr Rxpert

I would wait longer than 20-40 min to take the xanax, you still feel some of the powder, i would wait until you know you’re crashing and wantin some more and than take the xanax and smoke some bud to kill that awful crash off the cocaine. thats just my experience. be safe and if you’re new to the white girl then take it slow man, a gram is plenty for 2 people that just started.



You’ll be happy you saved the Xanax until you start to comedown off the cocaine.


i usually drink on my xannies and then do coke all night too. i like the mixture but i would do maube .3 or .4 of blow throughout the night but the hangover the next day is killer!. i wouldnt recommend that mixture though, i usually am fucked up pretty bad.