Concerned about concerta – please help.


I have a friend who has never done any drugs before; however, they are in a time crunch to finish a large amount of work in a week. As a result, this person has procured some concerta to help them finish their work. 3 days earlier they took a 27mg to see how they’d react, the only adverse side effect being some jitters. Yesterday they took 2 27mm around 2pm no jitters they were up til 4am. They plan on taking 2 27mg a day for about a week to get their work done. Is this too dangerous an amount? Should my friend just take 2 pills every other day or take only 1 pill a day?
So far my friend has experienced no noticeable “come down”
They are around 120 lb, take no other pills, and do not plan on using concerta ever again after this week.
My friend also lives far away somewhere. He moves all around the world so I never know where he is.
Thank you for any advice you might have! 🙂

1st time users or taking stimulant medicines tend to not get negative effects or a crash, if used properly


yeah 54mg/day isnt bad at all. *im not promoting drug use by any means*

just make sure your friend:

-doesnt take em too late in the day, sleep is key in recovery.
-takes the concerta with a healthy meal so he/she has energy/food for their body
-stays hydrated

hope that helps:)


^Pretty much. I’m assuming by “27mm” you meant “27mg” so I changed that in your post. Both posters are dead on. When comes up, must come down. Use harm reduction measures that have already been mentioned…and only take as much as needed.

Also, if “your friend” is indeed you, please edit your post accordingly. We don’t use “somebody I know, SWIM, SWIY, etc” here.