cross-tolerance regarding ketamine


so i need to try something new! it being legal would be a big benefit.

id love to try MXE but my ket tolerance is so ridiculosly high that i dont think i will even bother. probably end up needing so much that the dose became dangerous or something. and ive heard people blacked out on MXE are still capable of moving around alot and doing weird things, which im not up for! and ive heard ket and mxe defo have a cross-tolerance

my favourites are ket and nos, never had a trip on DXM?

what are peoples veiws on 3-meo-pcp and 4-meo-pcp comparing to ketamine? and do you think the cross-tolerance would be there on the pcp’s?

and is aMT anything similar eg. hole aspect ?

I think there is a bit of cross tolerance with dissociatives.
methoxetamine is at least 4 times more potent as well as 4 times cheaper than ketamine so give that a go.
imho i think 4meopcp lasts way too long like 12 hour trip and 12 hour comedown. It is the most powerful to me. 300mg rectal got me on a +4 on the Shulgin index with ego death. and 100mg rectal got me blanked out and wanting to fly off a roof. also, 4meopcp tends to be the cheapest of them all, but difficult to get shipped to the states without going through Canada first. also, if u are addicted to opiates, 4meopcp, then mxe, and least effectively ketamine will not only reduce tolerance, but get rid of w/d and even addiction. That’s what has worked for me.

Amt I never had any luck with. When I combined with shrooms i felt a speed undercurrent. and when I did it alone, again a slight speedy minorly psychedelic undercurrent. not worth it imo, but maybe i didnt do enough.


All of those drugs (3/4-meo-pcp and mxe) act on the same receptor systems as ketamine (NMDA/sigma/dopamine), just some are more potent than others. There will definitely be a tolerance, but how much nobody can tell you… I would start small, like with all other substances.

alphamethyltryptamine is closer to a classical psychedelic or MDMA type of deal, it’s not a dissociative.