Drop off rate of adderall.


How fast does adderall tolerance drop?

Extremely broad question. Search the forums for adderall and tolerance, or amphetamine and tolerance, etc.

There are different supplements that people recommend but they can have negative rebound effects as well.

Unless we know PRECISELY what you are talking about, we cannot help.


How fast does adderall tolerance drop?

It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months for your brain’s receptors to become sensitive to Adderall again, if you abused it for a very long time the low tolerance may never return.


>> To Basic Drug Discussion. May get closed though; this information can be found very easily using the search engine, the OD directory, and even Google.


^What he said. This question is extremely broad and has been discussed many, many times. Use the Bluelight search function or Google.