DXM + Lithium (and xanax) ??


Kinda freaking out a bit – LAST THING I EVER thought I would end up doing this evening…. but I’ve had terrible cough (tickle in my throat style) and got fed up, went to Whole Foods to get some fresh (prepared) sushi, couple other things, then a Rite Aid right next to it.

I was with my girlfriend (she just made an account purpleglaze or something on her laptop) Not sure why…. but we decided that it could be fun to take care of my cough and take the minimal amount of DXM in a smoothie or something retarded like that… and just chill out and watch a movie since it’s her last night before returning home.

We made sure it was just straight DXM 15mg per 5ml…. no other added shit. I felt like some whitetrash 15 year old but I was in a weird state of mind and down for something just really mellow and relaxed.

We are both intelligent and smart people… but simply failed to realize that there might be some consequences due to drug interactions. Also slightly ironic because I ALWAYS check for interactions and I just didn’t even think about it this time… plus when I checked on drugs.com (not to say they have all the correct and possible knowledge out there), there was nothing. I have been taking 900mg of Lithium (3 tabs) at night for many months now.

Now we both took a measured 120mg of DXM syrup around 830-9pm – so around 5 hours ago… which, almost like a premonition, I instantly regretted. I realize this is a very very low dosage in terms of “recreational” value… but still I don’t feel right. I was mostly hoping just to relax and get rid of this fucking cough for the night.

But whether it is the Lithium interacting or the severe anxiety problem I have developed (on 4-8mg Xanax XR a day) – I was feeling really horrible on the comeup and had my girlfriend checking my pulse. Drinking water… mostly just freaking myself out.

Later on after watching some Curb your enthusiams, tea, reading a little…. I felt better again to my relief and just really tired and ready for bed.

Strangely now – she is feeling suddenly all fucked up… “heavy head” “not like shes here…” “in dreamlike state of mind…”etc…. not making a lot of sense.. and then going from being super narcissistic looking in the mirror and all that (she is hot) but still, usually self conscious and not like like that at all… to a little later having a complete opposite change of mind-state, which is weirding me out even more. Did some reading it looks like SSRI’s DO NOT go well with DXM.

Well…. DXM is a retarded substance to try and use for “recreation” IMO in the first place…..

I think my anxiety is just freaking me out about all of this more than anything, and that taking my 4th XR pill, will probably make me realize that I am fine… since I am prone to panic attacks.

But the one thing that lies unanswered, even by my psychiatrist goes back over 6 months… is one time after ODing on concerta (one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done… completely ignorant of the dosing compared to Adderall – which I very farmiliar with… took 164mg… horrible time… ended up in the hospital.)

Then days later, I just out of no where had what I have seen described as some of the symptoms of serotonin syndrome….. muscles tensing up, feeling like you can’t control shaking, feeling as though you are having a seizure?

So idk I’m sure it is all good cause it is a tiny amount of DXM, respectively, but just due to the nature of Lithium and Prozac and of course, my anxiety….. I don’t feel comfortable with the situation right now. Does not seem like a hospital situation yet.. nor sleeping/all good situation either if that makes any sense.


Then it passed with time and
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Yea I can’t see that combination being any good for you and probably has some kind of risks. Lithium is known to intensify some drugs very much and even to the point where it is harmful (risk of seizures etc.)

But other then that DXM is not just a cough syrup ingredient but rather a strong NMDA antagonist and is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly as something like a white trash 15 year old drug. In some aspects it is just as useful and for recreation as many other drugs, if not more. If it weren’t a cough medicine ingredient I would say people would have much more respect for this drug, as they should. But anyway it is probably not a good idea to mix any drug while taking lithium. Would have never thought of the effects of this kind of combination.


Try not to worry too much, this sounds like anxiety more than anything.

As you said, the dose of DXM you used is very small, and it doesn’t sounds like you have any symptoms to indicate an adverse reaction. Just stay vigilant about what you are experiencing, don’t hesitate to get help if your condition suddenly worsens.