efficient use of methamphetamine


ok so ive heard that eating your meth will make it last longest but you need a lot while smoking it make it last a little while but you only need a little which one would let me stay tweaked the longest. and those two only plz

Eating it will bring on a slower onset of action, a longer duration of effects, but much less intense high.

Smoking it will bring on an almost instant onset of effects, shorter duration, but much more intense high.



If you want the best of both worlds, you could always eat half your dose and smoke the rest.


These types of basic questions belong in BDD.



Smoking meth is more effective. Additionally, your teeth rot more quickly.


^I would say that smoking it would be the more practical option as well. The duration for inhalation is still 4-8 hours which is still quite a while and the intensity is much stronger as previous posters stated. Not to mention that you will need much less so it would be cheaper using that ROA. However, in terms of harm reduction orally would be the safest option. Smoking meth is not joke tho bro, in fact i would stay away from it all together. Just fair warning


I disagree with those saying you’ll need less meth to get high from smoking than from ingestion. If you eat .1 grams thats 100 milligrams. Assuming it’s good meth, that’s a pretty large dose for someone with very little tolerance.

If you try to smoke that same 100mg without really knowing the proper technique, you’ll probably waste a good chunk of it.

If you don’t want to waste any, then I would say eat it. But know your dose!


I wont eat this shit if i was told i could have it for free if i did. I have seen to many people hunched over grabbin there stomach in the pain the next day. Plus the thought of it just sittin there in my stomach would make me paranoid that it is eatin a hole in my tummy lol


Well if I was that scared of eating something, I certainly wouldn’t want to smoke it either. But I don’t know anything about stomach issues regarding meth ingestion. Never personally experienced it.


thanks everyone for replying and i already know how to smoke it so say if i had a .4 points or about 40 bucks worth it would be more effective and cost efficient to smoke it?


Yeah man, smoke it in a bulb with a cap on the end. It’ll seal it in (less waste) and i think it vap’s faster with a cap on it.

I once blew a line of dope that was 7 inches long, I was asleep in my passenger seat 3 hours later. So, yeah bad way to do it… Though that was probably me OD’n now that i think about it…

Then again, a week after ^^^ I licked a bag and i was twacked out for like 14 hours.

Personal preference is to vap it. No matter how much of it i have.
I dont use needles so… yeah… wouldnt even know where to begin.


hey i got another question after ive liquefied it do i smoke the stuff that crystallizes like all the way on the side or almost at the top or is that the cut as well?