Failed CWE


Today I planned to do a cold water extraction on four Vicodin ES pills (7.5/750), but it didn’t work so well. Here’s what happened: I crushed the pills fairly well (still some chunks, but it was pretty fine) and put them in warm water. I stirred it, hoping it would dissolve, and then added ice. At this point, some unexpected drug-free company rolled around and fucked the whole process. The water bottle is still sitting upstairs. It’s been on my windowsill the entire day. I figured I might as well just drink the stupid stuff and not worry about filtering, because the water never got that cold at all. The water I initially filled the bottle with was too hot and just melted the ice right away. So, if I do just slurp down the “solution” (don’t even know how well it dissolved) should it get me high, granted that I have about zero tolerance to opiates? I don’t wanna waste my time or annoy my taste buds.

Yes, it will get you high. You could just stick it in the freezer until it gets cold, the APAP will fall to the bottom. Or just drink it, that isn’t an amount of APAP you want to do on a regular basis, but one time is OK.


personally i like to stay below 2 grams at a time…but if you do it once in a while your gonna be fine…just remember…people do that shit all the time and it takes a while to do damage on a large scale


Well. It got me high as a kite lol. Sorry for the pointless question, everybody.