Fastest/Best ROA to get Roxycodone OUT of your system?


Well, SWIM has been doing 30 mg Roxys, and might need to piss clean for a job soon. Question is, which route of administration is the most effective to piss clean. Please provide amount of hours/days if you can, thanks in advance.

Drug test questions are not allowed on BL, and in any case, there’s no magic. The amount you take and how long ago you took it is what matters.


Isn’t it the same no matter what RoA?


^ I’m not sure, I’ve heard that shooting them up gets them out of your system fastest, followed by smoking ’em. Does anyone know?


Isn’t it the same no matter what RoA?

Yes, thank you!

The duration of the acute effects is small, and individual differences make up for that.

Half life and duration of effects aren’t the same thing.