Featured Forum: Cannabis Discussion


Welcome n00bs! I’ve been convinced to put the bong down long enough to give y’all a little introduction to Cannabis Discussion.

Cannabis Discussion is dedicated to the discussion of cannabis (marijuana) and related topics. We’re looking for intelligent discussion of both basic and advanced topics, however, we’re mostly looking for threads directly related to cannabis; threads of a more social nature are probably better suited for another forum (usually Drug Culture).

Bluelight is dedicated to harm reduction, and we try to take that to heart in Cannabis Discussion. Common HR topics include dealing with anxiety and paranoia caused by weed; perceived or real health risks due to smoking; and dealing with addiction/withdrawal. Discussing the merits of various smoking devices and other consumption methods is also popular.

In regards to those who like to tend their own gardens, we can’t give you step by step instructions on how to grow, but if you have a question about some already growing plants we might be able to help you out.

Anyways *cough* uh I gotta go now..