Getting piss tested soon. do opiates show up?


clearly opiates will show up but this is my situation.

i was arrested for two weeks because i was caught with weed and a scale. I dont fucking sell but i’m going up against traffiking charges. I will be getting piss tested anywhere from 30 days after the last time i admitted to smoking weed or over.

i will not be smoking weed.

then i got caught with two 2mg hydromorphones and was arrested on possession.

HOWEVER my nose had surgery done 3 weeks ago and 3 days after the surgery it got broken again in an accident. I was prescribed tylenol 3’s.

I’ve decided not to smoke weed, or atleast not until after my charges are dealt with but i have the opportunity to get more morphones. I can’t get baked, so having some morphones would be great in the meantime.

when they piss test me, they may or may not be looking for opiates. I’m wondering how long opiates stay in my system for. and even if my piss test came back positive with opiate use, could i not just say i finished off the last of my t3’s and get away with it? my nose IS broken and IS in pain.

if i fail the piss test i have to take a 6 week drug addiction course monday to friday, 4 hours EACH DAY. this is fucking horrible and not worth the risk (hence me not smoking any pot). I’m wondering if it’s worth getting these morphones, and how long it will stay in my system for, and if i were to get caught if i could get off on it because i had been prescribed t3’s recently. Should i just not risk it? or should i be okay?

any answer is greatly appreciated.
Psychedelic Jay

Drug testing questions aren’t allowed…


Drug testing questions aren’t allowed…

I thought questions about how to beat drug tests aren’t allowed…


No drug testing questions AT ALL WHATSOEVER are allowed. Closed.