Going on a three day event


So soon I will be going on a three day outdoor psytrance event. We plan on doing drugs obviously so here is a list of the drugs we will have:
Our RC Order
300mg 2C-E
300mg Methoxetamine
300mg 4-FA
300mg 4-MEC (is that shit worthwhile at all ?)
300mg 4-FMC

we will also have about 3 grams of good street speed.
We will buy some X pills there I guess but we will have a test reagent on hand to check shit out.
Obviously some Weed but that doesn’t have to be mentioned I guess…

Ofcourse on a three day event there is other stuff to think about too.
We got an old tent that can be wrecked in every way. We will buy lots of water, some delicious fruit (even when your hardcore stim’d up, you can’t say no to a delicious peach !) Magnesium tabs and some vitamine shit to soften our paranoia about wrecking our bodies. Oh and loads of chewing gum.

Do you guys would add anything to that ? My main concern is being totally fucked up, losing all my shit (therefore i wont take my original ID with me and an old cellphone instead of my new phone.)

Greetings Xayo

PS: Didn’t quite know where to put it so I apologize if it was posted in the wrong section.


pally pete

ive been to many 3 day events and all that we needed was mdma,weed and possibly some hallucinogen.

Have fun 🙂


Please take caution with the 2C-E!
none of us here on bluelight want to see another thread in DiTM about 2C-E overdoses especially concerning one of bluelight’s own patrons. Take extra care if you will be mixing the 2C-E with any of the other drugs mentioned.

benzos would be good if you actually plan on sleeping at some point during those 3 days; or at least some good old indica. 2c-e, 4-fa, 4-fmc, mdma… those are all known to keep ya awake. you can take all the vitamins and mineral supplements ya want but at some point not sleeping for 3 days will catch up with ya.

in general be careful mixing any of those stims u mentioned.

Psychedelic Jay

Leave these at home unless you plan on being in the hospital…

There is no way to combine all this shit safely. PERIOD…

They a Research Chemicals for a reason. It simply will be too hard to dose unless you pre-measure everything. Even then the combos can have serious taxes on your health.


Pre measure everything and label it clearly. I would just choose one of the drugs from the list with some weed amd benzos.


Well there are 3 days. I don’t plan on doing much of the stims, its just that i bought this “sample pack” where you have to choose 5 chemicals. personally im only interested in the 2c-e and the methoxetamine. probably gonna give a large proportion of the stims away in trade against some weed or something.
I plan on doing 2C-E one time before we go there so I know whats going on and then probably take it in the morning of day 2 or in the morning hours. Definately want to see either the sunrise or the sunset on 2C-E :’DD


3 days psytrance party…How much fuckin great memories coming..lol i sound like a grandfather..have a nice time ^xayo,and be safe..%)



I plan on doing 2C-E one time before we go there so I know whats going on and then probably take it in the morning of day 2 or in the morning hours. Definately want to see either the sunrise or the sunset on 2C-E :’DD

I would just leave the 2c-e at home. Seriously! It isn’t like 2c-i/b, not to be taken for a first (or second) time at a 3 day event; unless you are willing to risk ruining it…

Any ‘X’ pills you by at a big event are usually total crap so make sure you have a tester 🙂


The event isn’t that big and infact one of the hosts is my supplier kind of :’D

about 300-400 people max



was just about to say that… i personally would never attempt that without benzos/opiates


As stated, bring a whole lot of benzos, and for good measure I’d bring a few dozen oxys or percs. You are going to feel like a real bag of ass when you come crashing down.


the next 2 days, speaking monday and tuesa will be holidays from school, so i palnm to sleep alot there.

fairly drunksrry for spelling mistakes 🙂


Great idea. I was just on a 3 day stim bender, took like 30+ 20mg ritalin pills, 9 or so Dexedrine, about 20 percs and railed a few grams of pure caffeine powder. Fortunately I slept for about 28 hours after and completely avoided what could have been one of my worst crashes yet.


I’m closing this thread as it has no HR value and it won’t lead to productive discussion.

We aren’t here to advise you on what other drugs you should take with you to a three day event.