Gonna try adderall for the first time…Need some input,


Okay so I have done Molly several times before, and I have heard the adderall high can be similar and fun so im deciding to give it a try. I havent done any drugs for several months so my tolerance should be low. I have 5-20mg capsules and I’m wondering if anyone can tell me how much i should take my first time?? Thanks!

First time dosing questions belong in Basic Drug Discussion. I’d also check out their thread “First time Dosing Guide” or something which can be found linked in the “threads of note” thread at the top of BDD.

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10-20mg the first time to get a feel for it.


Alright thank you for the info!:)


Gingerbread, you said you have capsules? I’m assuming that means you have Adderall XR (extended release) as Adderall instant release only comes in tablets. You might want to keep this in mind when dosing, as if it is in fact Adderall XR that you have, the release of the drug is going to be slower and if you don’t like the way it makes you feel, you’re going to be stuck feeling that way for a while.


i remember when i first started takin this stuff. 25mg of XR always got me threw the day flying!! Enjoy it while it last. Remember to stay hydrauted and eat before hand.


Definitley dont just take 10mg you will probably receive all the negative effects with none of the euphoria and what not.

I say atleast 20 but more like 30 would be perfect imo.


dextroamphetamine and amphetamine binges are probably not the best binge =/. If your going to give it a go 20-25 is the right amount. Furthermore, stay away from the habit forming amphetamine use because, it is truly one of the worst addictions for your brain. I.E Neurotoxic…

Anyways have fun and stay safe :).


20-30mg in the morning if you’re using the XR formulation is plenty. I would personally start at 20mg just to make sure you don’t have adverse reactions.

As other posters have mentioned, make sure you’re eating and staying hydrated through the experience. Amphetamines are very good at reducing or eliminating your desire to eat, but you still need food. Snacking throughout the day is a good way to do this. Same with having a bottle of water handy so you stay hydrated.

Good luck!


first time doing adderall, eh? 20-40mgs is plenty enough for a great euphoric 12+hr high, for a first time user…my rule of thumb is DONT go beyond 60mg if ur new to it, as yo may panic and experience negative side effects…if yo have the ADDERALL XR (capsules) with the beads, ur best bet is to dump the beads in a cigarette cellophane wrapper,use the end of a lighter and crsh the beads, dump, use side of lighter and smear the powder good which trns it into instant release adderall, which u will want if ur looking for recreational use, taking them as it is, prolly wont provide much of a kick, just a prolongued very light buzz….always take on an empty stomach to avoid tummy aches….be prepared to lose a nite of meals and sleep, but instense euphoria and mind blowing sex on it. if u decide to take adderall XR as it is, remember if u take, say an adderall XR 30mg, ur only getting 15mg immediately into ur system, and gradually 15mg released 3 hours later. duration of amphetamines is 4-6hrs. new time users sometimes go past 12 hours..me as a chronic user on and off for 10 years, i take 40-60mg a pop and im high for 3 hrs and crash bad, if i have no downers, what i do is to lessen the crash is take a light dose of adderall again to give my body what its cravings=more adderall, so my mood is better, but very little dose to avoid hypertension…thats what i call a speed taper. but new time users rarely experience a crash or comedown or extreme depression, unless you lose sleep, and food, and dose again to feel better, then u may feel shitty. the more u use, the more u will feel worse when adderall wears off. amphetamines are such a magical drug that when taken alot, u lose ALOT OF THE MAGIC EFFECTS it provides=talking for several hours at a time with someone bout the deepest things going back to child hoood, extreme mood lift, just so much i cant explain, treat it like ecstacy and use it sparingly! drink water on adderall to avoid dehydration ( u wont feel thirsty ) but u need to drink water anyway , same with food if it gets ridicolous on binges, vitamins too!! SLEEP IS VERY IMPORTANT, dont expect to re-dose adderall and feel that euphoric blast if u pulled an all nighter, u will just feel an extension of the dulled high…. sleep it key. forgive my rambling

Tweak Thizz

Take 30mg max since its your first time. 😛 its not similar to molly but it def. is a speedy feeling


^it has quality effects similliar to MDMA, to a degree, afterall MDMA is juiced up amphetamine anyway, MDMA=(Methyl-n-dioxy)-methamphetamine*….but yeah its nice pure speed, pharmacetical, top grade, adderall, dexedrine, desoxyn..i noticed on adderall i feel emphatic like type euphoria which is hwy i compared it to mdma to a degree, unlike ritalin and cocaine, doesnt give ya that empthathy, just speedy and zombie like

grumpy w00kie

I wouldn’t take lower than 40mg my first time, IDK but I took 90mg my first time ever and I felt like God himself, had no bad side effects besides insomnia… needless to say I didn’t sleep that night.

I wouldn’t recommend 90mg for any first time user. Maybe I got lucky?


Alright sweet haha thanks for all of the advice. I’m wondering if i should take it today since it’s already 5 p.m. and i have to work in the morning. Will it keep me up? I also think i will try to crush up the beads since it is said to get rid of the XR effect and become IR. IS it good to sprinkle it on a spoonful of yogurt and take it that way or what is the best way for a good high?


Alright sweet haha thanks for all of the advice. I’m wondering if i should take it today since it’s already 5 p.m. and i have to work in the morning. Will it keep me up?

It will probably keep you up for a while, depending on how much you take, but you won’t be able to go to sleep until the wee hours of the morning. I would wait on taking it tonight.

I also think i will try to crush up the beads since it is said to get rid of the XR effect and become IR. IS it good to sprinkle it on a spoonful of yogurt and take it that way or what is the best way for a good high?

You can crush it up and mix it with food and it may hit you a bit faster that way. Another method that I know works well is mixing the resulting powder (after you’ve crushed the beads – and make sure they’re very finely crushed up) in with a shot of water or similar liquid and then taking that as a shot.


I did 50mg my first time, I’m not recommending this but it was a blast. It lasted around 10 hours. Down side’s were constantly having to keep moving some part of my body (such as leg shaking or playin with my fingers constantly) and the comedown lasted forever so i couldn’t sleep till the evening next day.

30mg would probably be a good dose for first time unless you have experience with other amphetamine like substances.


if you have XR, i recommend crushing the beads inside and adding them into some water…i hate the XR and refuse to take it, but i sort of had an insnufflation habit with adderall so i like the IR mixed salts…but the l-amp fucking sucks!! thats what lead me away but its still fun…stay hydrated and make sure you are eating! even if you have to force yourself, and i personally won’t do adderall without some type of benzo… and weed and maybe some cigs


Man the high is so different the first time, it feels so new and fresh. I should have done more than 15mg the first time i definately missed the “first time” people tell me of. Ive never gotten euphoria from amps just subtle content.

grumpy w00kie

Yeah i say go all out with 60mg your first time. Because your never gonna feel that good off it again.


60 mg is definately overkill. the second time i did 30 mg (half right away other half 2 hours later) and my rapid heart beat fucked with me a bit.. kinda ruined the buzz. 25mg your first time and youll get tingles all over.. man i miss those tingles. Now i take 60mg dex sulphate IR to feel roughly what 20mg adderall would have felt like when i first started (minus tingles) and happiness.

grumpy w00kie

Hm, well I guess you should always start low with anything for the sake of HR.

Never know how your body will react to different chemicals. I think I may have a natural tolerance to stimulants. Even coffee has never been able to wake me up, even before my amphetamine usage.


I Ended up giving it a try tonight. I crushed the beads up and parachuted it. It was pretty fun for a while, then I went to a party that felt super hot and i was sweating my balls off. It is now 4:21 a.m. and i can’t sleep. Overall not too bad