good deal?


after discovering the magic of opiates from my wisdom teeth surgery, i couldnt help but buy the 6 pills my buddy said was codiene. knowing that he doesnt know what hes talking about, i looked it up on my phone and they are norco 7
much easier than the 5/500. i can do a 20mg dose without a cwe dose. which is nice.

first time ive ever bought pills off the street so im not really sure how bad i got ripped on vics. 7.5.

anyways i find myself not being able to really enjoy them due to my current bad anxiety. my buddy said hed trade me 8mg xannie for my 3 norcos. am i crazy or is this a really good deal for me? i love the xanax, they make me feel normal and with some weed i feel fantastic.

anyways basically, 3 7.5 vics for 8 1mg xannies, bad, good, great deal?

This sort of thing isn’t allowed. No price listing of any kind.


i removed price ok now/


Make sure you read the BLUA.

Just because you removed the prices does not mean you aren’t using some type of currency.
This is not allowed on bluelight. Welcome.


oh i apologize should i just go ahead and delete this thread?


Not much in the way of harm reduction here 🙂 so I’d say delete it.

anyways basically, 3 7.5 vics for 8 1mg xannies, bad, good, great deal?
Whatever floats your boat dude. If you don’t have common access to either of them then it all comes down to personal preference eh?



I’m going to go ahead and close this thread. OP, please PM me with any questions.