Help finding OTC meds in capsules that can be opened….or empty gel caps!


I see that Vitamin Shoppe has empty gel caps that you can order, but I don’t have time to wait for that and I called a couple of their stores around here and they don’t carry them.

I was looking around at the drug store last night, and all of the capsule pills I could find have a tamper-proof seal where you can’t take the two halves apart anymore.

Any advice on what brand or type of OTC med or vitamin I could get that comes in a capsule which I could empty out and fill with something else?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks everyone 🙂

look at a health food store … might find some empty gel caps for sale…..I used to get them back in the day when I was capping up mescaline..


Vitamin Shoppe is where I got my empties

try GNC.. maybe they can help you


It’s weird that I called the closest Vitamin Shoppe to me and the guy said they don’t carry empties..maybe ill have to just go down there and look around, then hit GNC afterwards. Thanks for the tips 🙂


Don’t u also need some sort of mechanism to actually pack and seal the gel caps?


You can use one, but you can also do it by hand (although it takes a lot longer to do it that way).


super easy to find at health stores…can’t believe you are having trouble.

I’ve always found em at vitamin shoppe

The Chemist

easy to do by hand, once you get a good eye, you become a machine…

go to walmart and get some Cinnamon capsules. It helps promote sugar metabolization, sometimes with the diabeetus stuff.

just be careful and pick up some Latex Gloves too, i’ve had some dumb ppl mess up before (break caps)