Help please – fake tramadol


Not sure if I am in the right section of forum but i am sure Mods will forgive me.
Need some help, with a problem I am having recently concernig Tramadol, maybe others are having similar problems. Ok How can i test the real tramadol from the fake ones, please. Having some doubts on the tramies i am purchasing, Tramazac (Indian tramadol) also making people getting thinner and thinner + not working in the same way like before. Even the better quality Tramal (Germany) not working in the same way like before, but only difference it’s not making people loose weight like tramazac. Will appreciate your help, bros and sis. thanks so much.

For future reference, Homeless Threads is where you can post when you are not sure where something goes.

I do not know of a way to test tramadol other than laboratory analysis. Perhaps someone else does.

I’m going to send to BDD. We do not guess about substances, if the only means of assaying tramadol’s authenticity turns out to be lab analysis this could well get closed rather than open for lots of unhelpful/unsafe conjecture.

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If your original thread was closed, why would you think opening a new one (and not changing a single word btw) would be a good idea?