Help with starting suboxen


Hi, I started suboxen last week the film strips…..they are helping I am in AA and still actively going but have not shared with anyone yet about being on it- I relapsed on pain medication-percocet, etc…when I ran out I could not go back into rehab because I started a new job….here is my dilema- my dr that knows i am on suboxen gave me ultram for my pain for my medical condition and I also take lexapro for depression- the pharmacist that I normally go to called me yesterday and we talk a lot in the store she did not know i was on suboxen because my suboxen dr only lets you use two pharmacies for some odd reason-not sure why-anyway my ultram was denied by my pharmacy benefit due to one being on suboxen and two being on lexapro- now i am not sure what to do- the dr told me there is no narcotic in ultram but yes I do know it is addicting-but I thought it would be ok for me to take because it is not a narcotic and two why would lexapro be a problem it is only an anti depressant…….any suggestions would be appreciated.

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The lexapro could be a problem with the ultram due to serotonin syndrome. Some doctors and patients report an antidepressant quality in the suboxone, so you might be able to taper off the lexapro. Some people come off of antidepressants while on suboxone for this reason. As far as the ultram/tramadol, it is an opioid analgesic, but I think it is one of the only pain meds that can be used alongside the suboxone. Here ( is a thread on the combo.


I wasn’t able to go onto the Ultram I was given by my dentist because I was on Suboxone and Cymbalta. The reason why they won’t let you on the Tramadol with the Lexapro is because there is a potential for Serotonin Syndrome when an SNRI (Tramadol) is combined with another SSRI/SNRI. You aren’t allowed on it with the Suboxone because Tramadol is indeed an opioid narcotic, even if a very weak one.

As for Tramadol with Suboxone, some say you can take the two together and they have a synergy but that must be due to its SNRI properties because the Suboxone should block the effects at the mu receptor.


Today I called the pharmacy where I get the suboxen filled and the pharmacist said there should be no problem with taking suboxen and ultram for pain together and that he would call my insurance and take care of it he was very nice-then I called back and got a very nasty pharmacist that said why are you taking ultram with suboxen you should not and I said i was not able to even get it filled -long story short he called the dr that gave me the ultram and the dr cancelled the rx for ultram and said i never told him i was on suboxen- well i didnt because I asked for a non narcotic and thought thats what ultram was-so does anyone think I am screwed now with my suboxen dr-even though I am clean and did not use anything other than suboxen? I am sure that all my dr’s were called and now i am sure they are feeling like I lied to them. This is a night mare ever since I started this suboxen- I am paying cash to this dr and have great health insurance trying to get myself back on track and feel like giving up already. It’s stressing me out. First of all my dr that is giving me the suboxen did not tell me that there would be a problem with getting my lexapro filled either and thats also rejecting against the suboxen with my insurance.


^ I doubt the suboxone Dr. will cancel your script. Just tell him the truth. It’s hard to be too much of a drug addict to get prescribed suboxone… that’s who it is for.


^ lol haha……very true……


I also am in recovery from oxycodone. It was a tough first week in detox but after that I started an outpatient which has helped trmendously. I wuld suggest just staying with suboxone and perhaps lexapro. I thought Lexapro and ultram/tramadol interact with each other due to tramadols SSRI properties. Possible serotonin sndrome waiting to happen but I could be wrong as well, this is just my honest opinion. I think it is great to do what your doing a lot of people addicted wish they could be where you are just do not even realize thats what they want because drugs changes your thinking drastically. Ultram was my first introduction to pain meds used recreationally. I know it is non-narcotic but that does not mean it can’t be abused because it most definitely can from my experience and my brothers huge addiction to it. He takes nine (9) 50mg tables every dose. I hope everything works out but I would stop ultram and just stick to suboxone. I am on subutex, I am not an IV user, have you thought about going on that. People say there is no difference but from experience there is a big difference. subooxone makes me feel like shit while subutex, taken as prescribed made me feel like me again and has allowed me to stay 142 days of sobriety technically today. KEEP IT UP BROTHA!


The newest form of Ultram/Tramadol is Toradol, it is now what dr.’s are prescribing for pain management for people who are either on suboxone or have a history of abusing opiates. But, if you are on the Suboxone, for example, getting prescribed Toradol from the dentist, you have to not take your Suboxone for at least 3 days before taking it, but 5-7 days are more safely reccomended.