Heroin detox using methadone


Hi there, I’m new to Blue Light but alas I’m not new to drugs or addiction. My brief background is 10 years of taking so called party drugs {worst party ever} and then 15 years of heroin addiction. I went into rehab for the 5th time last year, got clean but I relapsed after around 8 months. However I now find myself in the position where I seem to have won back the trust of my family, I’m in decent employment and I’m due to get my own flat in the next few days. I’ve got quite a heavy IV habit just now but I don’t have the space or time to get clean.

The best plan I have came up with is to detox while working. The logistics of my plan will either amuse or terrify people but crazily enough I’ve known this to work although it can be a little uncomfortable at times.
Yesterday I took 160 mls of methadone. Today I took 60 mls. And I’m going to take 5 mls a day for the next for days and then stop. The idea is that the long half life of the meth will take me through the worst of the junk rattle and the tiny 5mls daily will be just enough to get me out of bed and to work. This method is far from painless but it can be done. On the 2 previous occasions I’ve successfully detoxed this way the worst thing I felt was incredible tiredness and lethargy.

However, I’m doing this totally alone as all bets are off if anyone finds out so I need some support.
Please help guys.

sound like me. also a (highly) functional addict who works two jobs and shoots half a G to a gram of dope or 400 – 600 mgs of oxy orally a day sometimes a bit of both.

i have never tried done so can’t help you there. but i am sure someone here will i wll be watching with intrigue.


Day three of my hairbrained detox.
I had a rush of blood to my head lastnight and threw out the remaining 20mls of methadone. I woke up at 5am for work, terrified at what I had done. But thankfully I managed to pull myself through a 9 hour shift. The main challenge was feeling incredibly tired and spaced out. Every single interaction and movement was a conscious effort but I got there. I know there is still a lot of meth in my system but so far it is following the same path as the previous times, loads of feelings of lethargy and some anxiety etc but certainly no heavy heroin withdrawal. I’ve not researched this but my thinking is that by taking a large dose of methadone for a couple of days and then letting your body naturally taper it off, most of the withdrawal is bypassed due to the long half life of the methadone. And by being active at work it forces my body to keep on the move and helps kill time { the lingering effect of the methadone only make this possible}. However, theres still a few days to go before I know whether it has worked or not. I’ll post agin tomorrow.

Thank you
PS, how long should a fairly high dose of methadone stay active in your system?


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