Hey, why not?


Hello, all!
I am a long time lover of this site. I’ve been lurking and learning since early 2012. I figured, hey, why not join?! It can’t hurt, can it?
I’m admittedly a bit nervous to post in the wrong area or ask something that could have been answered with the search function. So please, be kind if I mess up. 🙂
Who am I? I’m a 39 year old wife and a mother. My husband is an active addict. He is the love of my life, 1st love, childhood sweetheart type of deal over here. We have two beautiful babies… 9 months and 19 months.
I guess what I am needing here is support. I’m tired of the roller coaster ride. The let downs and disappointments. Maybe an encouraging word? Harsh words of reality? But 1st and formost, a point in the right direction (as to where to post for support/advice for a spouse of an addict would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance and a warm hello from me.

Hi, Welcome to Bluelight ! !

Glad you finally decided to join. I’ve been an active addict and been clean living with one for 5 years at one point and time. I relate to being let down and expectations not met. It’s indeed as you say, a ‘roller coaster’ ride.

There are a few sections you might benefit from. I would suggest mostly The Dark Side (http://www.bluelight.org/vb/forums/47-The-Dark-Side), Sex, Love and Relationships (http://www.bluelight.org/vb/forums/51-Sex-Love-and-Relationships) or even a recovery forum below like Sober Living as there are many folks that have reduced their use or are clean now you might receive support from also.

Smoky 🙂