How do Admins become Admins?


I am fairly new (joined less then a week ago) and really love the Bluelight community. I was wondering how Admins become Admins? I am still a Greenlighter at the moment but hopefully I will be a Bluelighter soon once I get my 50 posts or whatever it is and then move on to someday becoming an admin.

if there is such a thing as a ‘career path’ at bluelight, it would generally go: greenlighter -> bluelighter -> moderator -> senior moderator -> administrator.

you can read about joining staff generally here: How Do I Become a Moderator? ( )

happy to answer any questions. welcome to bluelight.



Is there a difference bt an admin and a director of communications?


yes. they are two different roles.



As moderators come and go, there’s elections every so often where the existing staff will consider applications from the users for the position of forum moderator. Every so often, the senior mods do the same thing, picking people from the moderation staff who rise to the higher standard of responsibility (senior staff are effectively moderators of the whole site). And once in a blue moon the admin staff will pick someone from the longer-serving staff and Sr. staff to join their ranks too – although usually this process is not quite so public.

There are also a couple of engineers who lurk behind the scenes keeping the computers that host the site from falling into the hands of Elbonian spam gremlins, too. They deserve as much mention as the rest, I’d say.