I think I accidentally deleted my post but hello everyone, my story is below.


Alright so I’ve been doing drugs recreationally since I was 13, now 29. Started out with smoking an oz a day everyday for a while year when I was like 14, then I stopped that and still don’t smoke (been thinking about it). But I went to a dentist when I was 15 and in highschool, the dentist for some reason gave me 750ml of the green/yellow lortab. I’ve tried purple syrup and the green/yellow lortab is wayyyy stronger. So In my keyboarding class I’d take like 3 table spoons and it’d get to the point I’d nod out in class.. I’m fuckin 15 already nodding and wanting to vomit. Well I kinda stopped it cause I couldn’t find it, we’ll fast forward till I’m like 18, I get a gf that was a band geek which has been busted with a tiny bit of coke powder in a 20 sac that she forgot about, by a cop.. well me and her get into x and I’m not over exaggerating when I say this… we’d go to a club that is no longer up and running, afterlife then insomnia here in Dallas. And me and her would take up to 8 tabs a night, friday, saturday and a few sunday. We did this for a whole year then stopped when I couldn’t keep a job due to rolling in the morning and not being able to go to work. Well a family member starts to get pain management meds… and I’m talking this person has had every single damn pain medication there is, and it’s never been anything weak like hydros. They’ve had roxys, oxycodones, oxymorphones, every morphine sulfate tab there is.. right now they’re on 100mgs, 60 a month and 120 oxycodones some blue ones (not sure) so me being me.. I ask every single day for the past like 3 years and I got what I want for free… it’s fun but scary. One time she had some of the red morphine tabs and I took a few and got on a plane, I remember nodding so bad and my breathing started getting shallow like I was forgetting to breath. I basically got up to get a drink and kept myself awake… well that relationship with that girl I did drugs with like coke, smoke herb, roll, trip (oh yeah we’d candy flip all the time too). Well I started getting too deep into opioids and couldn’t have sex like I normally would cause it’d get to the point my abdomen was numb and of course I couldn’t feel anything in my ding dong lol. Well she got tired of that, and just lying about the drug use and we separated after 7 years. Now I’m with someone and we have a kid together. She knows I take stuff sometimes but doesn’t know the full extent. Last month when my family member ran out of meds we were w/ding so I went to the dentist which I needed to do anyways and I got an extraction and got some damn Tylenol 3’s… thy helped but right now they’re out again and two days ago I called my after hours dentist/Dr and I just said I had pain and he sent a script for 18x t3s to my pharmacy. Well that was two days ago, yesterday I went to the dentist again for another tooth extraction which needed to be done. (I have bad teeth cause of dry mouth from the meds) well two days ago I got some t3s, then yesterday after the dentist visit I got 16x 5/325 hydros, and today I called him again and said it’s still hurting and got 18x more t3s… I’ve gone through them all the same day I got them.. I’m honestly tired of it, my tolerance is so fucking High it’s ridiculous. I ate about 8 or 9 of the hydros and didn’t feel a thing. But today I took 12 t3s and felt pretty good then got kinda itchy. I was laying here right now before posting this with just a pressure on my shoulders cause I just wanna tell someone. I just love to be messed up. I feel I do things better, when I get off of meds for awhile I do get legit pain in my legs and always have. I’ve always called them growing pains… I’ve had them since I was little.

So that’s my story. There’s plenty more to it drug wise… I’ll go into detail:

I’m sure I’ve tried meth from the x tabs… but never smoked meth.
Plenty of x
Fuck load of opiods
Ketamine (was in some x)
Shrooms (used to grow em)
Benzos (hate em now)
I’ve snorted a tiny key of heroine one single time
… im sure there’s more but it’s kind of scary how much stuff I’ve done and being fine (that I know of)… life just seems boring being sobor. I used to drink a lot but stopped that. Also no one is ever ever able to tell I’m on anything which is why I got away with it. I don’t let myself nod out in front of people.

That’s my story :/