Ingesting Mephedrone, then drinking later? opinions please?


my mate says he is going out one night next week with the plans of ingesting ~1g of mephedrone, then, later when the effects have worn off, drinking for the rest of the night,

what would you say to him, will it be safe to start drinking when the effects have worn off?

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OD >>> BDD


It may exacerbate the comedown, otherwise it should be fine.

1 gram of meph is a lot.


Be careful with the drinking man the two both will dehydrate your body so make sure you are drinking water throughout the night. Honestly tho ive done it many times and as long as I tried to stay hydrated it was fine but the comedown was horrible.


keep your hangover cures ready fo when you get home


how bad are we talking? haha


I don’t think the hangover will be anything if it is actually Mephedrone. I wouldn’t suggest ingesting a full gram, that shit will melt your stomach lining. I hope he will be ingesting over a period of at least a few hours. My experience with Meph has always been drinking and I have never had a problem.