injecting brown 3 H for the first time


Well, I don’t know anyone who did this except my girlfriend who is an ex- dope addict but I can’t ask for her opinion cause I don’t want her to know that I do Heroin. So all I know about how to do this is through internet research.
I wash my hands. I put the stuff in a well-washed spoon. Add some water for injections and some kitric. When it disolves, I put a cigaret filter in there. Then I drow up intro the syringe from the filter. Then I inject.
Since I usually would smoke about 1,2-1,5 g, Im gonna shooy about 0,5 g.
First question-how much water for injections and kitric would I need for 0,5 g of brown 3 heroin?
Second question- Am I saying anything wrong? Do I miss anything?
Third question- knowing that it is easier to o.d. by shooting heroin than by smoking, any tips about avoiding o.d. or what to do if I find my self near that situation would be welcome. I already have an energy drink to deal with cns depression if nessesery, but Im not sure how effective this would be.
fourth question: Best/easier to find vein for a first timer?
Thanks in advance.

About the vein question… are all those things that look like veins on our arms realy veins or they are arteries amongst them? If I get it right: If it’s green, it’s a vein-if red, an arterie?


Check out this thread and google ‘Getting off right safety manual’ for even more info.
I’d say don’t just wash your hands, but use a disinfectant and an alcohol swab for the spot you want to inject.
0.5g sounds like too much. At first you should try a small amount with your normal ROA, to check the potency and then shoot a small amount and only inject slowly.
Energy drinks won’t help with respiratory depression at all, only naloxone will help.
And you should look into micron filter


^I’ve done an internet research and just read your link, thanks.
Would methlylated spirit be ok or would I need clear alcohol for the spot?
I can’t have nuloxon, so I would glad to know something easier to find that would help with an o.d.
Mostly Im woried about hitting an artery. Always had a hard time finding pulse and Im not sure if I realy understood how to destenquish an artery from a vein, even If I read much about it. Well, do arteries become more obvious just like veins after workout?


Also I bought the syringe from a pharmacy and it’s in the package. Should I sterilise the needle with alcohol(methylated spirit or clear)?


Don’t inject the 1st time alone. Energy drinks will not work in case of CNS or OD.


I have no choise but to do it alone. No one knows I do heroin except a friend who I don’t want ever see me doing this to avoid giving him any dangerous temptations. I was almost sure energy drinks wouldn’t realy be much of help, but, what-easy to find- would be?
Also, why people say it is easy to miss the vein? It doesn’t seem that hard to put the needle on an obvious vein.
I would also want to know which would be the best-safest vein for a first timer. I don’t wanna hit an artery or something.


0.5g sounds like too much. At first you should try a small amount with your normal ROA, to check the potency and then shoot a small amount and only inject slowly.

Then what would it be not too much? I though you shoot 1/3 than you would smoke?


When I first injected I used a quarter of what I would smoke. Remember, you can always use too little and titrate up, but you can never go back from doing too much. You shouldn’t base whether or not you’re in an artery based on how it looks under your skin. Rule of thumb is if you can feel your pulse, don’t inject into it. If the blood registers (draws into the syringe) as pink, don’t inject into it (it should be crimson red). If it stings or results in a numbing sensation, don’t inject into it. All I can really say without going into a full tutorial.

You use as much or little water as you need, although obviously if you make it too thick it’ll clog your system or take longer to hit. I typically used around 30-40 units when I was still slamming heroin, although would use more or less depending on how well the dope dissolved. Hell even for meth I use the same amount of water. The amount of citric/ascorbic acid you need is just enough to get everything to dissolve. I personally would always just put a pinch of ascorbic acid on the spoon with the dope before adding the water and just add more/less as needed. If I recall correctly it was typically around 25-33% as much ascorbic acid as dope (1:3 or 1:4 ascorbic:heroin), but it all depends on your dope I guess.

Just some tips from personal experience:

Start out small the first time. You want to aim to find your optimal dose for the next time, don’t aim to get as high as possible. (AKA start out very small and work your dose up)
Register before you inject. Then inject half of it, and register again. You really don’t want to miss the shot, trust me. This also helps avoid overdosing because it won’t all be hitting you at once. I can’t stress enough how useful this tip can be!
Don’t say “just fuck it” and add too much acid to make sure all the dope dissolves. If the solution is too acidic it can damage your veins.
If you don’t have a friend with you for your first time *I already said this several times* START SMALL!

That’s all i can think of. If you have any questions feel free to message me, I may have escaped IV heroin a couple months ago but I’m still an avid IV user.

Felonious Monk

Also I bought the syringe from a pharmacy and it’s in the package.

An individual sealed needle should be sterilized already.

I’m not sure if it’s available OTC in Greece but try to buy some Naloxone just in case. Only thing that’ll really help in the case of an OD, especially alone.

And do start small. It doesn’t sound like this is a “last hurrah” situation, so start low and figure out a dose that’s not overdoing it that you can stick with.


Yeah… I wouldn’t do that much your first shot! It could prove to be a bad situation, even just a little too much dope can cause an OD when using the IV ROA with dope.. Make sure your shooting at the correct angle! a 25-35 degree angle with the needle pointing into your vein is ideal IME.. push it in slowly too, and if your in vein there should be just a tiny bit of blood that will come up in the rig before you even pull back the plunger and register, then pull back and register, if you see a big cloud of dark-medium tinted red blood come up, you should be good, but even just the slightest little extra push into your vein with the needle could cause you to puncture the vein and go through it to the other side, then cause a miss.. so be careful once you are in vein not to make even the slightest push more into the vein than needed.. I would def use less than 0.5g on the first go, if you haven’t already shot it yet.. but this was made yesterday so you probably already have! if not though, I would use maybe a 0.1-0.2 on your first shot, if its decent or good dope, if its not too good, maybe 0.3, but I really cant safely give you an exact dose that would be safe for you to do.. I don’t know you, and have no idea what your tolerance to dope is like so I can only say it how I did it my first time, just used a 0.1G of some fire powder dope, and was destroyed for hours.. and that then led me to full on IV addiction, to everything! I used to just snort, plug, and smoke my opiates/opioids dope and pharms, and when I slammed for the first time… I was hooked and never went back! so just know, that it does feel very good, too good, and you will probably like it and want to keep slamming it from now on! I hope you don’t.. but good luck! hope it all works/worked out ok for you.. if you went through with it, let us know how it went man! be safe.


Definitely post back and let us know how it goes man! No one likes to hear a new IV user overdosed their first time.