Insane Tolerance or what?


So I have been dabbling with opiates etc for maybe a month+ I was mainly doing Pure 5mg Oxycodones and occasionally Vicodnes but normally doing a cold water extraction. I would normally take 30mg+ for a decent dose.

Today I got my hands on some Hydromorphones which are supposed to be much stronger then Oxys? I have currently taken 12mg by snorting it and 6mg orally and I hardly feel anything…

Am i wrong to think that Hydromorphones were stronger or should I lay off for a while cus my tolerance is through the roof…

oral and nasal bioavailability sucks for hydromorphone. Only way to get full effect is to IV which I suggest against.

30-35% oral
52-58% intranasal

Where as oxycodone:
up to 87% oral, intranasal 55-70%

Bottom line, if you like to snort your pills, I would stick with the oxycodone.


while that’s true, your still getting up to 60% of it by snorting, and taking 12 of them is quite a bit, one would think that the High would be present at that point. But sadly it just seems to me that there is not much euphoria with Hydromorphone, I was prescribed some a few months ago and was excited as could be until I found out that even my Lortab script exceeded their recreational abilities… huge letdown, I snorted about 15 of them in one day, and I felt sleepy and sedated but none of the euphoric opiated push we’ve all come to love with Opies, sadly I think that unless you do shoot it, and receive the much sought after “rush” then it really doesn’t do much euphorically, that being said you can still overdose so don’t confuse lack of desirable effects with lack of actual effects even though it’s not producing the euphoria you want it still is affecting your body. So just resign yourself that they are just not that good for a “High” unless mainlining, and trade them for something with a higher bio availability/more desired effect profile.


^what they told you.

Also you don’t want an insane tolerance. It sucks and is not cost effective. Hydromorphone sucks unless it Iv’d but if you’re still getting off on 30mg hydrocodone keep it that way. I don’t reccomend iving pills either!

Good luck.