Introducing myself


Hi everyone! My name is Gumby and I’m casual drug user who had opiate addiction in past. I’ve been around the block and back and enjoy the discussions on BL. I’m always wanting no more information on drug and drug culture, ever since I was child. Look forward to reading and replying.

Welcome to the site 🙂

As you have been lurking you probably know your way around but if you have any questions please feel free to ask.


thanks Bearlove I appreciate that. But lurking is a prettt negative term, wouldn’t you say? I’ve complied with everything, haven’t I?


welcome Grumpy,to a power greater than yourself.atleast thats what i was told when i started here.

lurking is just a term, it means reading others post’s and threads with or without posting a comment. nothing bad about it. and yes, i might say so my self that you have complied with everything. 🙂