Is it safe to take ambien with this mix


So I am currently on about 60mg of oxycodone… 2 roxis snorted about 2 hours ago. I also took a .5mg Clonazepam about 4 hours ago. I was wondering if it is safe to take a 10mg ambien cuz i need to go to sleep?

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I just want to say that Ambien and any opiate can be a VERY DANGEROUS COMBINATION!

I was fairly opiate naieve at the time and took about 80mg oc and 50mg ambien and OD’d. I was very close to death. Please be just as careful mixing these things as you would be with any benzo.


depends on your tolerance to the drugs you mentioned, if what you’re on right now is normal for you than adding an Ambien will not hurt you at all, it might not even put you to sleep.

However, if you’re new to opiates or don’t take them often I’d play it safe and not take the ambien.


Well it’s obvious that it’s never safe to combine that many CNS depressants together. But because of the length of time in between your doses and the fact that you only took 0.5 mg clonazepam and you’re going to take 10 mg Ambien to sleep, I would say that you would be ok, but there is always a danger of a bad reaction as not everyone is the same. ONLY YOU know your limits and ONLY YOU can tell whether you can take more of a certain substance or not.


Depends on your tolerance. Do you usually use 60mg of oxycodone? When you take Ambien of much? But regardless of this, it has been 4 hours since you took the oxycodone so I assume that it should be safe.


i wasnt aware that ambien had any effects on respiration