Is MDMA suppose to feel like this?


For the past year mdma has been everywhere. like im talking GOOD shit that isnt even capsuled, you buy it by the gram (usually 50-100). I was wondering if it was bunk so do the following effects sound like its the real deal?
When it starts: (i know i say x amount of minutes later but it slowly builds)

1st stage: Everything gets slightly fuzzy, sounds go quiet

About 5 minutes later :

2nd stage: vision becomes altered (like you hyperventilated yaknow that kinda fuzzy) sounds become quiet, it becomes harder to talk and depending on what setting you’re in you can feel quite uneasy (it comes on really fast) or you can feel excited and a euphoria starts. there is also a wave of energy.

After about 20 minutes later:
3rd: That intense comeup lessons usually pretty fast and the fuzzyness lessons, I become more relaxed and somewhat droopy. the euphoria turns into a mellow “everything will be okay” and music sounds awsome. You also care about others alot.

About an 45 minutes later:
4th: I can feel myself getting tired, my eyes start to roll around the room and my jaw chatters, i could maintain the euphoria if i tried but my heart isnt into it, i just want to sleep.

If it is MDMA why doesnt it last that long for me? others say they get a great buzz for hours. Isnt mdma suppose to be a clearheaded euphoric stimulant?

It didnt give a euphoria i would relate to amphetamines, which is an all about me high not others.

Please note that I use amps almost habitually, could it not be lasting long do to seretonin depletion? although i dont feel depressed on my days off of amp.


someone will come in and say some shit about no one knows whats in them blah blah…but that sounds like some shitty e…it isnt supposed to be that short….its a party drug…


Does mdma cause a distorted fuzzy feeling tho? like i said, if you inhale and exhale intense and fast for 10 seconds its similar to that feeling when it kicks in.


You can get some general weird feelings while you come up off it. It coming on really fast sounds quite MDMA like. If you wanna have a better idea of whats in ur stuff tho its prolly a good idea to buy a testing kit :).

pally pete

I find mdma can be very much effected by the setting,although some of the effects will always be the same whatever the setting.

Although most wouldn’t associate mdma with sleep i usually find if im sat about just chilling when i take it i can get extremely comfortable and start nodding off (not nodding like opiates etc ,i mean just drifting in and out of sleep) but gurning a bit.

Your 3rd stage sounds about right,with the way your thinking/feeling (empathy)


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