just another quick dxm question….


i know there are tons of threads like this whatever
i was just lookin for a buzz tonight (i ran out of weed and pills :() and i figured i could find some dxm containing products lying around… of course ive never done dxm before…

anyways all i have is some mucinex dm with 60mg of dxm and 1200 mg of guaifenesin. i was just looking for something light so i figure 120 mg would be good. anyways my question is would the 2400mg of guaifenesin make me too sick or cause any issues? I know i should probably just not do anything and wait to get something else but id really apreciate help

Isn’t 2400 the recommended dose? I think it would be okay. There’s a thread in ADD about huge doses of it being used for pain as well. Something like it goes expectorant, nauseating, pain killer. Let me go check.

Ah okay in high doses it acts a muscle relaxant which has been somewhat considered for use with fibromyalgia patients. It seems to be pretty far out there though in general. As for your dose it seems anything over 2000 at once and you risk some major spewing. Why not just purchase some pure DM?


Maybe i should just take 1 and a half of them then? although i doubt 90mg would do much huh?

yeah i was looking more for something i could do like right now but thanks for answering


You could probably preform an extraction on it.


Already looked it up. From what i found the guaifenesin causes some issues…..


Oh I figured it wouldn’t be soluble in a NP but I guess you have to have one on hand anyways.


Be advised, those particular tablets are a 12 hour time release as well, so you’d need to take steps to defeat the time release to even hope for recreational effects. Simply crushing them should work well, but as others have said, you’ll likely face some nasty nausea/vomiting from it.