Just Curious: How Often Do You Have To Do Roxicet To Start Getting Withdrawal?


I’m curious, it seems like everyone’s different. Hmmm. If you never exceed 30 mg (never snorting, just crushing up into a power and licking/eating) can you do them every day and then stop for a day or two? Or do you have to be doing more milligrams in order to start getting withdrawal? Also, if you kept it to just 30 mg and never exceeded it, would you still eventually build up a tolerance? I still seem to get the desired high I want and I’ve been doing them almost every day for three weeks.

Dont expect your honeymoon last long. You end up within weeks using larger doses and then realizing you need more and more if you do it everyday and then the discontinuing of use will be lot worse. I would switch using only weekends if possible to maintain that low tolerance.


Roxicet or roxicodone? Roxicet has apap and you shouldn’t snort it. With that said my husband can keep his tolerance around 30 mg using only once to twice a week. He fucked up and played with opana and his tolerance went way up but now things are back to normal. If you don’t want tolerance or WD keep it too once or twice a week!

Do not make it a daily thing… Otherwise you will be buying shit to stave off sickness and not get high… It’s a vicious cycle. I went from 30mg to needing over 100 in a month or two with daily use. Be careful.

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every 4-6 hours i was doing 8-12 mgs of dilaudids in my past or 60-90mgs of roxicodone.