Lyrica (Pregabalin) routes of administration experiences.


So I’ve fucking around with Lyrica ( a lot this past month and so far I have tried almost all the way’s of administration but IV. My tolerance is fairly low (300-600mg) as I’m taking it recreationally (but not trying to get super fucked up, just aiming for a social high) or in combination with other drugs (

I’m making this thread as I’m noticing a trend on this forum and other’s where most people don’t bother really answering and they just go ahead and say Lyrica has a high Oral BA so taking it any other way is dumb. While that is true I have experienced that taking Lyrica in other ways has make me react to it a bit differently so I feel like I should shed some light on this.

Oral: It’s true Lyrica has a great Oral BA (90% or so) but it takes a while to kick in (2 hours) but I found that the high lasts a lot longer this way. The high feel’s great and it leaves you with a pretty stoned feeling 6 hours after consumption that seems to last forever. I normally take 300 mg and It leaves me in a great spot, I did 600 mg with Tramadol ( and it fucked me up way too much to the point where I couldn’t even do simple tasks.

Nasal: This is the main reason I did this thread, no matter where I look I found some pretty shitty info about snorting ( Lyrica and when I tried it I was surprised. I snorted 150 mg and in less than 15 minutes I was already feeling light euphoria ( and all the other good stuff. In 30 minutes I was feeling extremely social and happy. I don’t exactly remember how much this lasted but I had a great time. This could totally be a replacement for cocaine ( social situation as it acted really quick and I just took 150 mg so I didn’t have to snort bucket’s of it. I did get some jaw clenching and anxiety later so I guess that’s something to watch out for if you plan on snorting Lyrica.

Rectal: I have tried this both times and both times It was pretty underwhelming. I have read countless plugging ( Lyrica threads and most agree that it’s the fastest way to get the effect’s but honestly both times I didn’t feel the effects of 150 mg that much and I never really felt high. I guess I could plug more but honestly I feel like it’s a waste. Might work for some other people better but for me it was a pretty shitty experience (pun intended).

IV: Haven’t tried it and don’t plan to

So that’s most of my experiences with this wonderful drug (, I hope it help’s someone looking for some info.

I would love to hear your experiences with snorting it or any other non conventional route of administration.

I’ve only done oral and I’m not really into snorting powder but I’ve wondered about how effective it would be if used in a nasal spray.

Keif’ Richards

I’ve done them all guy. There’s honest to god zero point in taking them any other ROA than oral. There is an equal to or greater bioavailability of 90% when taken PO. I’ve tried every ROA with these semi-magical dope-sickness curing pills. They are relatively fast to come one, especially if you have an empty stomach when you take them. This leads to a faster plasma concentration and quicker, more noticeable effects. Food in the stomach will just delay the effects, not weaken them, but this is true for just about any drug. I only mention this because the close relative of pregabalin (Lyrica), gabapentin (Neurontin) is greatly mediated by mass and lipid content of the stomach.

Insufflation leads to a slightly (if at all) faster onset than PO, but there’s a fair mass of powder to insufflate, especially if you’ve developed a tolerance, which will only delay the route’s onset while your membranes process it. Intravenous or any other hypodermic route is contraindicated, both due to the aforementioned mass of powder and the fact that injecting anything from a pill or capsule is not recommended. There is no rush or any of the common reasons for injecting a substance. We’ve already covered the issue of bioavailability. Is it worth it for the extra 5%-10% of material in your blood stream?

Just take the pills orally. If you really desire a faster onset, perhaps you can try emptying the capsules into a glass of water or juice.


I agree with you. I’m just experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t. Oral is the best way to take lyrica by far but nasal has a pretty nice rush that oral doesn’t give. I have found that taking 300 mg on empty stomach and then snorting 150 mg 4 hours after puts me right where I want to be. Of course with a high tolerance snorting should be avoided, snortng 150 mg is easy but snorting 1000 mg is gonna be terrible experience. I recommend to everyone to just do Lyrica 1 or 2 times a week and so you don’t let your tolerance build up. This shit is expensive and high doses have some pretty bad side effects like seizures.

Sidenote: Today I tried 350mg of DXM and 300 mg of Lyrica orally and it was an amazing experiencel, I recommend it .

Keif’ Richards

^Interesting that you experienced a little rush from the nasal route. I believe it, as in retrospect, I was experimenting with other routes – such as nasal – when I had already been ingesting pregabalin at a fairly hefty rate. I did however try the IV route first thing after picking up my prescription and still experienced no rush and what seemed like no appreciable difference in time of onset.

Also, good to point out the tolerance issue. I’ve heard some people on BL say that pregabalin has less proclivity for tolerance than it’s chemical relative, gabapentin, but I find that tolerance builds equally quick for either substance.


The rush might be placebo but I’m positive that I feel the effects a lot faster when I snort it. Also yea the tolerance build’s up quick if you starting doing it for than 1 time a week.


I was considering mixing pregabalin even with DXM but I didn’t a little research and a lot of info I found said it was dangerous. So what was the effects? What was the high like?


i tried snorting lyrica once and the taste of the drip was so god awful Ill never do it again.


I’ve only been taking the capsules orally. I do like to snort drugs when possible, but I worry about how quickly the tolerance rate is with Lyrica. What about opening the capsules and swallowing the powder? Does it work faster, or perhaps make you a little higher? I do like the Lyrica feeling, especially when I snort oxy along with it. It puts me in a great place – meaning I’m relaxed, happy, and have a nice high going for 4 to 6 hours. What has been your experience with emptying the capsules and drinking it in a small amount of water? I’m going to try snorting a small amount tomorrow, I’ve got a good high and no pain going right now. I’ll let you know what I think.