Making fake Norco


Hi there, my husband has decided to start monitoring my Norco bottle becuase he thinks I am addicted. He is out of town for a few days and I am down to my last few Norco until my next prescription next week. My question is has anyone has anyone had to make fake Norcos before? Since the bottle has the description of the pill on it he will know that they have to be yellow and have certain numbers and letters on it. I have bought yellow food dye and was going to color some regular Tylenol yellow? Does anyone have any thoughts?

Hey seattledmbfan, welcome to Bluelight!

I’m going to close this, please read the rules and guidelines in my signature. It sounds like you may have an addiction to Norcos, if you indeed do, what good is making fake ones going to do for you? It is against Bluelight rules to discuss how to make drugs, real or otherwise. Please PM me if you have questions.