Mdai + mpa


MPA + MDAI, I know people have mentioned this combination before but I am still very curious as I have some arriving tomorrow and some Meph from an unknown country which should be here next week.
I have tried MDAI on it’s own about 200mg and found it exactly like most people described it. Happy, friendly and very relaxed with some empathy and no stimulation.
I’ve tried 25mg MPA snorted over about one hour having about 100mg, I found it pleasent and stimulating but more of a one hour head rush with some mild euphoria, not as rushy as mdpv as it seems to be lacking the noradrenline.

What are they like combined, say 50 – 100mg Mpa bomed together with 200mg of mdai, or is it best to have a SSRI releaser first as they seem to take longer work than drugs that work on Dopamine such as Mpa.

this is what i wanna know