missed or something plz help!


I shot up 20ml of heroin & possibly missed about 1/2 hr ago. May be freaking out for nothing but didnt get a big rush & now its itchy & swollen & starting to hurt/throb. Attaching pic. Had warm wet towel on it. Not sure what else to do. Any advice is welcome! Been clean for over 8 months but just fell off the wagon & this so not worth it plz help!

p.s. I am nodding so some musta went in. Swelling has gone down, but theres a kinda hard lump which is scaring me. I’ve never had an abcess so I rly hope that this goes away soon.

felloffwagon, welcome to Bluelight!

Just so you know, we don’t really encourage threads such as this, even if you were in extreme medical danger, there isn’t much we could do for you…over the Internet. Missing a shot can be dangerous, or it could be a non-event. There’s no way for me to tell by looking at a little picture of your arm.

If you’re still having swelling/irritation at the site later on, I would seek medical advice.