More hydrocodone=more euphoria?


So I just got 6 10mg hydrocodone with 300mg apap for doing a friend a favor. I havent done opiates in a long time but do have experience with high dose oxy, low dose hydro and opana one time. My question is would I be more euphoric or just more fucked up and nodding out if I took all 60mg at once? Also is redosing even worth it?
Also nausea/side effects aren’t a problem, I once did 90mg of oxy with no tolerance and didnt have any side effects other than itchiness
I’m a 6 5 220 lb bodybuilder and naturally have a high tolerance for pharms so it takes a lot to fuck me up lol

I think you’ll be feeling the euphoria because you’re at a higher weight level so your body needs more than the skinny fellow. Well you will be euphoric no matter what but the nod is going to be pretty strong but still worth it. I took 60 mg of hyrdro just earlier and I felt euphoric but I do have a tolerance. When I took two more 7.5 mg pills I was nodding of course but it was still worth it.

You mine as well take them all at once since you only have six pills. I would do a cold water extraction though… Because if you took say 30 or 40 mg the pills you have left over for the next time won’t be that great of a high. You would have to get more.


We don’t know your tolerance level. How much oxycodone/hydrcodone can you handle all at once, and how long ago was the last time you did an opioid?

It wouldn’t matter if you were a gorilla, opioids can be highly dangerous drugs and respiratory depression is a very common and serious side effect of opioid use.

So you have to give us more details here.

Psychedelic Jay

More hydrocodone = More euphoria = More tolerance = More chance of = More hell to eventually come off.

Of course you are going to nod harder from more…

I don’t get this…


I would start from low dose and work the way up. You can always take more but never less than what you took. Just to be safe. I recently got mild OD symptoms taking my regular recreational dose of oxycodone due the fact that I only used one 20mg pill per day instead of two for few days. And your body mass does not affect that much since these drugs act on your brain which size is not dependant of your body weight.


I don’t think it’s as simple as more=better ad infinitum. In my experience, there is definitely a “sweet spot” for opioids where euphoria is maximized. I find if I take more than my tolerance can handle, I actually feel sick and dysphoric. It’s hard to feel euphoria if you’re nauseous, dizzy, pouring sweat and moving makes you feel like you need to vomit. At what level this will happen is unique for everybody though, so no one can tell you how much to take with certainty. For me, 60mg would be too much. 20-40mg is my preferred dose range for hydrocodone.

I find redosing on hydrocodone to be pretty wasteful though. If you don’t get the high you want from it, I think your better off saving the rest for another day.


dude. do as little as it takes to get off for as long as you can, trust me.

and do a CWE to that shit