Morphine Sulfate CR


Alright alright so before yall lecture me & be quick ya say UTFSE, just listen. So i KNOW that oral Morphine is almost useless when recreational, at moderately low doses that is correct ? Tha reason I say correct is because With morphine tha oral bioavailabilty is horribly low, & i know by injection is tha best way ta go but thats not an option for me right now, so Im proposing popping (swallowing) 120 mgs of CR morphine sulfate pills ta get a buzz. I know its a shitty way ta get tha most out of it but im honestly just tryna get high & plugging or injecting isnt an option. Will crushing up & parachuting be any better? Any other hope for oral ingestion ?

Yes, crushing and parachuting will be better. But, if you don’t have previous experience with opiates 120 mg of morphine is a lot to parachute.

What’s your tolerance level?


Parachuting is ‘quite’ useful. 120 mg is a bit for someone w/o tolerance (as said above). So, what is your opiate tolerance like? Check out the opiate conversion threads and figure out how much of the morphine sulfate (CR) you should take to be comfortable w/o going over (too much is not good. too little is fine, as you can always add more – sorry to be repetitive and obvious but sometimes that must be done for safety)

What opiates do you have experience with, and at what doses (?).


Those controlled release pills are worthless for recreational use.
You’d rather save them for when you REALLY need them.
Now go get some IR ones.


I got a good high off of 25mgs of ER Morphine my first couple of times. Maybe im just sensitive to opiates.

People shouldnt be telling others that the ER’s are worthless because if I would have taken the whole grey 100mg pill, I could have overdosed.


Im prettyy familar with opiates, i first started with methadone.. which was at low does like 40 mg every now n then but Iv always been experienced ( oxycodone & hydrocodone) I know what I can take & not take yu know. Before I took 60 mg of tha CR morphine n that barley did anything at all so i figure 120 mg wont be a problem for me. So crushing up & parachuting would be my best bet ?
I just dnt wanna go with tha needle & get hooked, seen family members get destoyed down that path.


i know you dont want to hear this but just trade it off. the first time i ever did opiates it was morphine i think 90 m.g, it didnt do anything its about as effective as a vicodin. you defiantely wont feel anything if you eat it, but thats just my experience. in hopes to get what little effect u ” might” get i would plug it…just take it like a man!


…just take it like a man!



I always chew my Morphine & pop a Soma with it, I get a nice, warm & cozy high, it works for me.


Once you taper your dose down to a very low dose you can go to every other day dosing for a little while but eventually at some point you just have to bite the bullet and jump off and suffer through the minor symptoms you will have with a proper taper.

Yea whoever said oral morphine is about comparable in strength to hydrocodone in my experience is correct. That is strength though, I have found oral hydro to be much more enjoyable mg/mg than oral morphine.

The only way I will do morphine is IV as I find that oral causes way too many side effects to be worth while. Maybe an antihistamine and some tums or something might help but I would say just save them for a rainy day or trade up for something better.

Also if you are going to eat them just keep in mind that many of the ER formulations tend to gel up when exposed to moisture so even if you parachute the crushed pill you may not entirely defeat the time release system. My understanding is that the pill will basically gel up and stick together once it hits your stomach maintaining a good portion of the ER mechanism.