My Bluelight Debut


Greetings. As I am new around here, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. I have been intrigued by pharmacology and drugs for quite some time now and have lurked here quite a bit during research, and now I feel that it is about time for me to contribute and continue my education. I genuinely feel that Bluelight’s mission to reduce harm is admirable and believe that personal responsibility is the first line of defense against addiction and injury.

My name is Andrew, and I reside in New York. My drug use history isn’t extensive by any means, and I don’t often use them for recreational purposes, but I have studied their actions and effects quite a bit both in a personal and professional context. While I am not licensed to practice medicine, I have always had a knack for guessing prescriptions given to friends and loved ones based on their symptoms. I do have emergency response training for chemical exposure, but that is primarily for lab incidents rather than drug use.

I look forward to expanding my knowledge with you all and hope to provide useful insight as well.

Welcome Hidoi – looks like you’re already out and about and have much to share, so enjoy and I look forward to reading your input!

Bella Figura

welcome aboard 🙂


wow, just wow… totally judging you right now lol


Welcome Hidoi, hope to see you around!