no sexual desire on tramadol


how sad…is this normal? my girlfriend is pissed.
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I tell ya what man I had the exact same effect when I was on my tramadol kick. I believe it has to do with the quasi-opiate/SSRI effect that tramadol has.

I had difficulty gettin started, but once I did I could fuck for hours straight, lemme tell ya boyo if you’re girl is gettin pissed you best get busy, women get angry without sex.


It’s the SSRI aspect, switch painkillers.


It’s the SSRI aspect, switch painkillers.

Yep, some people have sexual desire issues on opiates, but nearly everybody has problems with sex drive on SSRIs, you’ve got both going on here.

Switch to a more traditional opiate and you shouldn’t have any problems.



SSRI’s cause problems for nearly everyone. They are used as medication for premature ejaculation, lol.

Opiates can also cause problems like that, but not as severe and in less people especially with an opiate that is as weak as tramadol, but it is still possible.

So year, it is very likely that tramadol is causing your problems. It’s totally normal.

If you want an optimal sex drive then SSRI’s and opiates are not for you. You got to be willing to sacrifice your sex drive for their effects.


both the opioid mechanism and the SSRI mechanism can lower sex drive.


Looks like everyone agrees that tramadol lowers ones sexual desire.
However, may I add…
I’ve been on tramadol since 2003 and it has never lowered my sex drive. I do get sexual side-effects, though. On a frequent basis. Mainly just “inhibition” of ejaculation – and I’ve always liked that effect. Higher doses make it nearly impossible to orgasm.

A side note- During tram withdrawal however, you may find yourself climaxing very quickly. 8-10 seconds max. I refuse to have intercourse during tram wd.


^This is most likely due to the SSRI effect (although the opioid action probably has something to do with it as well).

As was mentioned earlier, SSRIs are sometimes prescribed for premature ejaculation…


for me ejaculation on tramadol is near impossible its a melt


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