Not blacking out from alcohol anymore..because of xanax?


recently i’ve been taking half 1mg of xanax and then drinking mostly beer and smoking a little weed when i go out and i pretty much blackout the entire night

but lately i havent been taking xanax and drinking a whole lot more and taking a lot more shots of pure liquor but havent blacked out at all yet people around me that drink just as much blackout for the entire night.

any reason why this is? could it be due to the fact that i drank on xanax so much that now i dont black out without it..if thats even possible. thanks!

^ Yea that’s possible. I think that xanax may raise you alcohol tolerance a little bit as well, but I am not sure about that so don’t quote me on that. Do you still smoke weed when you drink without the xanax?




Of course Xanax is the reason you were blacking out. Combining 2 depressants is an easy way to blackout…or die.


especially combining xanax with alcohol. Blackouts with benzos and booze are pretty much accepted as the norm when the booze is consumed in excess. I wouldn’t recommend the combination in the name of harm reuction.

I am almost certain your lack of blackouts since stopping xanax is because you have stopped the xanax and because of the way your body reacts to alcohol anyway, your non xanaxed friends are probably blacking out because of the way alcohol reacts with them, or they are drinking too much for their bodies to handle.

Not everyone reacts the same to all drugs, but since your stopping of xanax coincided with your stopping of having blackouts I would safely assume that that is the reason.

I would be pleased, I hate blackouts after a night out drinking, you may have a fun night out but if you can’t remember it, what is the point :\


Like mugabe said, your friends may be drinking too much for their bodies to handle as opposed to you or you’ve developed good control whilst drunk.

I’ve went a couple months where I’d drink and take 30mg valium, never blacked out, but it was some of the best nights. Alcohol is cross tolerant with benzos, and I was taking valium the odd time, even without drinking, and noticed my ability to handle a lot of alcohol increased. Perhaps similar situation.


I can handle the benzo + alcohol combination pretty well. I’ve only blacked out a couple times after years of doing the combo.


I used to drink and take xanax occasionally. I’d take 3 or 4 mg xanax and would get completely stupid drunk drinking on not nearly what I’d usually drink. My last DUI (13 years ago), I only blew .08 but I was so effed up the cops knew something else was going on. I was blacked out up until a couple minutes before I got arrested. .08 was usually nothing to me.

My most wildly stupid drunks were on the combination. I would strongly discourage anyone from using these together. It can easily be fatal.


I used to drink with clonazepam daily, quit for a few years and then took diazepam with alcohol just once and got arrested for a DUI. They slapped on a possession charge as well because the bottle of Valium was in my car. Dumb


this thread has gone where i expected: nowhere.

you are not blacking out because of any combination of tolerance, not drinking too much, and not adding a benzo. this is a good thing.