OxyCodone (Harm reduction) Question


So i got my hands on some OxyCodone pills, theyre blue & looked them up for all tha information I could get n it says theyre 30 mg, time released. So my question to all the informative helpful people out there is If i have a little, somewhat of a tolerance to opiates or opiods, will just one put me on my ass or get a hard buzz? Tha conclusion I came for my tolerance is I usually pop 2 or so hydrocodones every other day but its inconsistent cuz I can go a week without popping any then I do so 4 or 5 times out of a week. But that being said I don;t think i have much of a tolerance cuz even 2 or 3 give me a goood buzz. So any help will be appreciated.

If I were you I’d take 30mg, wait an hour see how you feel and if you feel you can handle another 30mg take it. You could try chewing the first 30mg up (Be careful cause with the new formula they’re super waxy and will get stuck in your teeth) so it hits you a little harder/faster and see how that feels, then assess from there.


Please make sure you use dosage numbers, not “one pill”. One pill is not an accurate way of measuring dosage and certainly is not harm reduction.

OP, you mentioned that you take one or two hydrocodones per day. What dosage are the hydrocodone pills you’re taking? Telling me that you take one to two hydrocodones per day could mean anything from taking 2.5mg per day to 30mg or more per day. There’s a big difference between these two, which is why its so important to use dosage measurement.

Check out the Opioid Conversion Table (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/showthread.php?t=564885), the link is in my signature.

Oxycodone is slightly more potent than hydrocodone, so don’t think that if you usually take 20mg of hydrocodone it’s safe to take 30mg of oxycodone.


I’m just gonna assume he gets the 5mg hydrocodone pills because they seem the most common.
So OP, you semi-regularly take 10-15mg vicodin.

You definitely want to try and defeat the time release on the oxys. Search and read up on it.

I don’t think I’d take 30mg at once if I were you.
20mg or a bit more than half the pill is good to start, then you could take the rest after if not happy, but since you haven’t done it before I’d imagine itd be like your typical vic high but way stronger and slightly different. 20mg with no tolerance is fine.


figure out what your hydrocodone dosage is. Then understand hydro is about 2/3 as strong as oxy. Voila.


^Yep. Either way, we can’t give you an answer without knowing what dosages you’ve been taking.


You don’t state your exact tolerance to opiates, or how many mg of hydrocodone you normally take, but I don’t think it would be terrible advice to say you can take the 30 mg OxyContin because it is time-release, and you seem to want a strong experience, but DON’T crush it, just take it whole orally. 10 mg oxycodone instant release is what I’d recommend to someone with no tolerance. You are familiar with opiates and seem to be able to handle them so 15 mg instant release, and then another 15 mg maybe 6 hours later would put you in a good place, and that is what the pill would do (more or less). Expect a nice strong experience, though, and lie down if nausea or light-headedness is present. 10 mg oxycodone = 15 mg hydrocodone just so you know. I am assuming you can take 15 mg hydrocodone or more and handle it well, if so, I think taking the whole pill would be okay for a stronger experience.


Yep, what other posters and I have said. I’m going to close this thread because we have no more information to go by and the conversion between hydrocodone and oxycodone is pretty straightforward.

OP, feel free to PM me when you read this if you have any other questions.