Roxicodone vs opana IR which gives a better high


For argument sake let’s say 10mg opana IR Vs 30mg roxicodone conversion wise there close to equal for strength if opiates doesn’t matter of ur taking 1 pill or 5 that’s a tolerance issue but as a drug which messes u up better and gives u the best high I like both and want some personal opinions

wild guess, most (that have tried both) will say opana.

id say opana. 😉


Well, taken orally, it would be a draw or the Opana would be slightly weaker.
If you insufflate a 10mg Ir, it’s going to feel like about double (60mg) of the oxycodone.

Opana is also a better high with a very quick onset, a rush when snorted, and about double the “legs” as oxycodone – I believe it is better in every way.


Oxymorphone is much more potent snorted or IV than oxycodone is. Orally there is less of a difference because oxycodone is very effective orally.


Opana, hands down.




Opana is the more powerful of the two, but it can leave you with that nod type feeling, where roxis for me give me a good high(IV) and keeps me more alert than opana. Plus Opana is a big ass pill, you have to crush 2 at a time, draw up the hcl, then wipe away the filler left over, and break up another 2, and use the same water you used with the first two pills, cause you can exceed 1ml, unless you are gonna use a 3ml pin