Single high (over)dose of meth – how toxic is it?


I’ve taken about 200mg of propably above average quality meth bought at darkwebs, rectally, all at once. Then I had comedown which I tamed with flubromazepam. That was about a month ago, question is how neurotoxic and damaging could a single dose like that have been? Are there any trials on that?

You’ll be fine man, if you didn’t die from the overdose I doubt you sustained any noticeable long-term damage. I’ve overdosed on meth a couple times from IV use. I’m sure it wasn’t good for me, but after taking a break I haven’t noticed any detrimental effects from it. And these overdoses were like…the feeling of having a heart attack as you passed out after experiencing a short extremely supremely intense acid trip.

This is all personal experience however, if someone has a scientific paper or data proving that a single overdose does strongly affect or damage your body feel free to post. I like to keep my mind open!