Smoke Opana


Hey guys i just checked the mega thread on Opana and cant find my answer….

Is it possible to smoke Opana ER? Like an OXY or something? Ive heard to crush it up before…

Any thoughts?

^ Depend’s look up at what tempature the oxymorph evaporate’s. Smoking pill’s is very unhealthy and you would probably waste the opana. Just snort it man or eat it I bet both will get you higher then smoking it.


I wouldn’t.


Stick to snorting it. It’s overall been dubbed as the most effective and safe way to use these.


Smoking pills never made sense to me, whenever I saw kids doing it I couldn’t help thinking “why?”….. And I’m not one to preach, to each their own, but there has to be a better way to get high and deliver the drug into your body’s system.


please don’t waste such a wonderful drug like that. I’m only familiar witht the OP 40’s. But scratch the yellow coating off (cuz it hurts like a mother fucker the next day) and snort 1/4th of the pill (or less) wait 30 minutes and you will see how fucking strong it is. I wouldnt suggest snorting the whole thing unless u have a good tolerance. the last time i did 1 i snorted half a 40 waited 30 minutes and was feeling great, so i went for the other half and within 2 minutes of snorting the second half i was nodding while standing. POWERFULLY EUPHORIC AND IT DOESNT TAKE MUCH 🙂